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Now I understand there may not be a spacific place or home for your race(Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, etc.) but if you wish for one please feel free to say so...Maikuro and I would gladly take care of it~Naivin



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PostSubject: Coin/Missions/dice/Members   Coin/Missions/dice/Members EmptyWed Apr 21, 2010 9:45 am

As of now I will be astablishing new systems. ^^ I hope these will work out as planed.

Dice System

I am astablishing a system of dice for moves/attacks/spells ect
I will post a announcement concerning this in a bit

Missions or quests I am also curently astablishing. As a reword for doing a quest you will recieve coins depending on the dificulty of the task and the amount of posts there are.


Coins will be recieved after missions and can be used to buy or upgrade weapons and perchase food for a later journey. I will be the judge that decides what amount you get and how much participation you gave if it is a mission to more than one user.


As of now do to the lack of site members I am making a free-for-all acount on this site. Any user can obtain to right to control said acount. Password change of this acount is forbiden. All are free to use it for topics that require an enemy or someone to play a certain roll.
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